anyone can be an investor

Yes, anyone can be an investor in the markets. Nowadays it isn’t that tough and doesn’t even require a bankroll to get started.
What is required to invest in the markets is desire. A few other things are good also: willing to learn, ability to control your emotions, and sometimes patience. Your desire can be based on many things; simply to make money, to secure your retirement; to be able to afford those items you dream about; to pay for a child’s college education…just to name a few.
The investment choices are many today, but the easiest to learn involve stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.
Why should you invest?. The reason is really simple. It’s just about the only way to get more dollars in your pocket. Yes, you can invent the next greatest thing in technology and eventually make millions, or perhaps your one of the 1% that will inherit a fortune decent enough that you can live the lifestyle of your dreams. Or maybe your dream is to own your own business where you can have the luxury of working for your employees 60 or 80 hours a week (I did that and enjoyed it-for awhile!).
But the reality is that if you want to not worry about how to pay for your car repairs, buy a new car, go shopping (ladies) for shoes, get the latest smartphone or DSLR camera, then you need another source or income.
A recent search I did showed one online store listing 966 books on stock market investing. Obviously a big subject that attracts lots of people. But when I go to the local bookstores I never see anyone browsing the business or finance section…maybe a few when I visit a big city bookstore. And they surely don’t stock 966 titles, maybe ten or even 40. But who even picked those? Who decided those books will help you?
Yes you probably need to read a basic beginners book about investing, but take it with a grain of salt. Check out the online sites like Scottrade, Fidelity, Schwab, eTrade as starters. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get started with just a few dollars, although starting with $100 or even better yet a thousand or two is better.
Each of these sites allow you to sort, sift and filter to find good investments or you can use independent software to help you make the right decisions.
The right decisions are about when and what: when to buy and when to sell; what to buy and what to sell. This is the hard part, the part where you want to remove your emotions because no matter how much you like Disney, for example, today may not be the right time to buy. Buying and selling need to be based on credible information and analysis, and not on what you like or don’t like.
Are you scared, afraid, frightened? What was your reaction the first time you drove a car? Excited yes, but a bit nervous too. And the first time you drove in rush hour traffic, was that not a rush?
Well investing is similar. There is a learning curve and whatever set of tools you use for investing there will be a learning curve. But just like learning how to drive is a necessity in our culture, or using a computer, learning how to invest successfully and safely is equally a necessity to your future.